Waterfowler Innovations Changes Waterfowling

October 20, 2010 by  

Waterfowl hunting is changing in a hurry.  One only has to look back a couple decades when there was limited gear options to where we stand today where the options are endless.  Most products come and go but some have come along and changed the game, and a new company, Waterfowler Innovations, is trying to do just that.

One of the oldest dilemma’s in duck hunting has always been calm weather and a motionless spread.   While there are some ways around this, the most common form has been jerk strings which can work with a lot of work.  But after doing a faceplant in the water after tripping over one, you’ll soon be searching for other options.  This is where the Super Feeder (US Patent Pending) comes into play.  A simple but extremely effective product, the Super Feeder has a natural feeding motion that creates plenty of ripples and movement in the water.  It runs on a 12V battery for 4-6 hrs of run time so it covers your hunt.  Take your boring old blocks and bring them to life with this very cool product.

When the season runs late, it’s usually up to Mother Nature to decide when it’s time to send your birds south. A strong freeze up spells long term disaster for those wanting to extend their seasons. A couple products have come along to combat this problem, but they’ve been plagued by problems. Waterfowler Innovations has teamed up with Kasco to deliver the Water Hog, a slick de-icer that’s made right here in the USA. It combines a 3/4 HP motor that can open up your water hole in a 75′ circle. It’s frame is designed to be adjustable, low profile, and light weight so only one man is needed to deploy. Any floating trash or debris WILL NOT clog up motor, so you don’t have to worry about the product failing when you need it the most.

This product is not only vital to late season ducks and geese, it’s also essential in the spring snow goose season for those running water sets. Create your own hot piece of real estate for waterfowl with the new Water Hog.



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