A Visit with a Local Game Warden

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By Doug Leier

With the waterfowl season in full swing, wardens will be on full alert for poachers.

With the waterfowl season in full swing, wardens will be on full alert for poachers.

Mark Pollert has served the hunters and citizens as a game warden for over fifteen years. Not the longest by any stretch but enough that he can easily relate what some of the most overlooked problems are– which field violations have decreased, those on the rise and some of the most misunderstood rules and regulations game wardens like himself are charged with enforcing.

And like most wardens, Pollert would rather see hunters understand and obey the laws rather than write citations. True, there will always be those which intentionally and knowingly break the law. First and foremost he’d advise hunters to take a read through each years current season guide available at sporting goods stores across the state. Otherwise you can log onto the Game and Fish Department website at www.gf.nd.gov and view or print the information.

Changes evolve over time, and even the most astute hunter will benefit from a refresher course. If a question arises your best advised to contact your local warden for clarification and interpretation. With that here are a few reminders from District Game Warden Mark Pollert:

Take time and ensure youre following the proper guidelines setup by the Game & Fish

Take time and ensure you're following the proper guidelines setup by the Game & Fish

Big Game bow/gun/muzzleloader Hunters need to be aware they need to leave their blinds or stands upon close of shooting hours.  Some misunderstand the law to read that if they aren’t actually shooting they are not violating.  By law they must leave stands at close of hunting hours.  Being in the stand after shooting hours is illegal.  
Proper ID of upland game and waterfowl while transporting game Usually our number one violation found when conducting road checks is failure to leave proper ID on birds while in transit.  The law requires hunters accompany their game while in transit. In addition waterfowl – ducks and geese – must have intact the fully feathered head or wing.

Upland game such as pheasants and grouse need one fully feathered wing, or the fully feathered head, or one leg and foot shall remain attached to such game during the transportation or shipment to its final place of storage.

Failure to immediately tag big game I’m seeing increased violations of hunters failing to immediately tag their deer upon harvest.  I’ve seen instances where a group will make a push and one hunter kills a deer but does not tag the animal until the drive is completed and then return to tag the animal.  Even more frequently, I’m seeing more problems with people retrieving their game with the use of a motor vehicle without first tagging it.  By law game must be tagged immediately before they take pictures or leave the trail to retrieve.   

Rules for youth hunts   Last year was the first year for the youth pheasant hunt and I only checked two groups that were legal.  I found numerous young hunters who were not accompanied by an adult with no licenses and even over limits. Youth hunters still need to be licensed and observe daily bag limits.  The youth pheasant hunt requires an adult mentor accompanying youth hunters.

Rules and regulations for hunting and fishing evolve and change throughout the years and hunters need to take time to read and understand these. Before you head out to the field this fall take an evening and review the hunting guides.

If a question comes up or you don’t understand what the law means, contact your local warden and you’ll better understand what the law requires. Abiding by hunting rules and regulations is a must and that does not need a clarification.


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  1. Shawn on Mon, 17th Sep 2012 9:27 am 

    can a game warden enter your home without permission

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