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Youth Hunt?

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Can I interpret the Govna's latest blunder as meaning there will be no youth hunt this year? If so, that is despicable. Sure, some in G&F wanted this too, but the Govna didn't listen to them on anything else....

We need a decent reporter to do the headline: "Govna sells kid's opportunities to greedy corporations". That would be a great lead in to the rest of the blunders on this issue. Get some press. Get some understanding from non-waterfowl folks. The govna sold a great opportuny for kids to his greedy guide/outfitter/pimping friends. We could get the rest of the story told on the tails of this issue.

How about a boycott of the early hunt? Sure, we'll all go out, but only the kids will have guns. It's about self control, ethics, doing the right thing. I know hunters can do it, but the politicians can't.

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Will they restore the youth hunt if the one week residents only suggestion is not allowed?

Where is the correlation between the Governor's greedy guide/outfitter friends and a one week opener for residents only?
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