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I assume all of you on this forum have hunting knives.

I have had many hunting knives over the years starting from Benchamde survival knife to the Buck 119 and many more. The last few years I have been using the Buck 119 and I must say this is a great hunting knife ( one of my favourites ).

This year however I am going to add one more item to my collection. One of this item will be my hunting knife.

I am going to search for something heavy and toug like ESEE 5P, but be capable of gutting and skinning as well as cutting meat.

So what do all of the hunters here carry for a main hunting knife?

Here is my latest JEO TEC NO. 31

I agree to the reviews on the web: this is NOT the best choice for the price.
You can find more intriguing choices like Kershaw/Benchmade/ESEE/Buck after all...
But it's just how I like class-looking stylish knives - Leather sheath + wooden handle.
No fancy micarta handle, blue edge coating or black-orange design style like SOG knives that are promoted by Bear Grylls (which actually sucks)


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