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me and my dad just got back from the boundry waters up in MN. while we were there, I went duck hunting on a rice lake. we were sitting on a point, out in the lake. my dad went over to take a look down the shore, and I heard him yell. so I went over to see, and I looked down and saw three live lightly rusted winchester 3 in. drylok shotshells. so I went to pick them up and as I grabbed them, I saw five more right under them. after digging and finding more, I found 23 live shotshells. I guessed someone may have set down the box and forgot them. this next story will get you. after we were boating back to portage back to camp we saw a white thing floating under water. we went over to it and saw it was a deers butt floating up. so we flipped it over and saw it was a 8 point buck! we tied it up and pulled it to shore. we found out it had been shot in the lungs and swam out in the lake to get away. but it drowned out there. (I took a picture of me holding my shotgun next to it as though I shot it) we saw alot of divers like redheads and scaup and stuff. I took three shots at the bluebills and missed on all of them. :huh: they were coming right at me and the only thing I could think of was I was using shot size 4. we had a great time though and saw alot of ducks.
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