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in donations, all came from within the USA......

This election has me very worried.? So many things to consider.? About a
> year ago I would have voted for Obama. I have changed my mind three
> times since than.? I watch all the news channels, jumping from one to
> another. I must say this drives my husband crazy. But, I feel if you
> view MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News, you might get some middle ground to work
> with? About six months ago, I started thinking 'where did the money
> come from for Obama'? I have four daughters who went to College, and we
> were middle class, and money was tight. We (including my girls) worked
> hard and there were lots of student loans.
> I started looking into Obama's life.
> Around 1979 Obama started college at Occidental in California. He is
> very open about his two years at Occidental, he tried all kinds of drugs
> and was wasting his time but, even though he had a brilliant mind, did
> not apply himself to his studies. 'Barry' (that was the name he used all
> his life) during this time had two roommates, Muhammad Hasan Chandoo and
> Wahid Hamid, both from Pakistan. During the summer of 1981, after his
> second year in college, he made a 'round the world' trip. Stopping to
> see his mother in Indonesia, next Hyderabad in India, three weeks in
> Karachi, Pakistan where he stayed with his roommate's family, then off
> to Africa to visit his father's family. My question - Where did he get
> the money for this trip? Nether I, nor any one of my children would
> have had money for a trip like this when they where in college. When he
> came back he started school at Columbia University in New York. It is
> at this time he wants everyone to call him Barack - not Barry. Do you
> know what the tuition is at Columbia? It's not cheap to say the least!
> Where did he get money for tuition? Student Loans? Maybe. After
> Columbia, he went to Chicago to work as a Community Organizer for
> $12,000 a year. Why Chicago? Why not New York? He was already living
> in New York.
> By 'chance' he met? Antoin 'Tony' Rezko, born in Aleppo Syria, and a
> real estate developer in Chicago. Rezko has been convicted of fraud and
> bribery this year. Rezko, was named 'Entrepreneur of the Decade' by the
> Arab-American Business and Professional Association'. About two years
> later, Obama entered Harvard Law School. Do you have any idea what
> tuition is for Harvard Law School? Where did he get the money for Law
> School? More student loans? After Law school, he went back to Chicago.
> Rezko offered him a job, which he turned down. But, he did take a job
> with Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. Guess what? They represented
> 'Rezar' which is Rezko's firm.? Rezko was one of Obama's first major
> financial contributors when he ran for office in Chicago. In 2003,
> Rezko threw an early fundraiser for Obama which Chicago Tribune reporter
> David Mendelland claims was instrumental in providing Obama with 'seed
> money' for his U.S. Senate race. In 2005, Obama purchased a new home in
> Kenwoood District of Chicago for $1.65 million (less than asking price).
> With ALL those Student Loans - Where did he get the money for the
> property? On the same day Rezko's wife, Rita, purchased the adjoining
> empty lot for full price. The London Times reported that Nadhmi Auchi,
> an Iraqi-born Billionaire loaned Rezko $3.5 million three weeks before
> Obama's new home was purchased. Obama met Nadhmi Auchi many times
> with Rezko.
> Now, we have Obama running for President. Valerie Jarrett, was Michele
> Obama's boss. She is now Obama's chief advisor and he does not make any
> major decisions without talking to her first. Where was Jarrett born?
> Ready for this? Shiraz, Iran!? Do we see a pattern here? Or am I going
> crazy?
> On May 10, 2008 The Times reported, Robert Malley, advisor to Obama,
> was 'sacked' after the press found out he was having regular contacts with
> 'Hamas', which controls Gaza and is connected with Iran. This past
> week, buried in the back part of the papers, Iraqi newspapers reported
> that during Obama's visit to Iraq, he asked their leaders to do nothing
> about the war until after he is elected, and he will 'Take care of things'.
> Oh, and by the way, remember the college roommates that where born in
> Pakistan? They are in charge of all those 'small' Internet campaign
> contributions for Obama. Where is that money coming from? The poor
> and middle class in this country? Or could it be from the Middle East?
> And the final bit of news. On September 7, 2008, The Washington Times
> posted a verbal slip that was made on 'This Week' with George
> Stephanapoulos. Obama on talking about his religion said, 'My Muslim
> faith'. When questioned, 'he made a mistake'. Some mistake!
> All of the above information I got on line. If you would like to check
> it - Wikipedia, encyclopedia, Barack Obama; Tony Rezko; Valerie Jarrett:
> Daily Times - Obama visited Pakistan in 1981; The Washington Times -
> September 7, 2008; The Times May 10, 2008.
> Now the BIG question - If I found out all this information on my own,
> Why haven't all of our 'intelligent' members of the press been reporting
> this?
> A phrase that keeps ringing in my ear - 'Beware of the enemy from
> within'!

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"SNOPES", leftist apologist website.
(where you won't find the following)

Want to talk Obama campaign contributions?
Turns out that "Doodad Pro" and "Good Will" are not the only phony contributors to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. The New York Times finally bestirred itself to apply some basic investigative journalism attention to the Democratic presidential nominee's donor list. The Times found nearly 3,000 other questionable donors like "Jgtj Jfggjjfgj" and "Dirty West" after what the paper admitted was just a cursory look at the Illinois senator's September financial filings. But then Times reporters Michael Luc and Griff Palmer revealed an incredible level of naivety by stating "it is unclear why someone making a political donation would want to enter a false name."

Unclear? What other motive could there be for using a phony name and a nonexistent address to make multiple small donations using a single credit card than to evade U.S. election laws? Such journalistic gullibility may explain why bloggers have been on this story for months and the Times is only now noticing. . . . The FEC's primary job is to protect the integrity of our federal election process. With this many red flags flying and barely three week left before election day, there's no time to lose if voters are to have all the information at hand before casting their ballots.
FEC auditor would like to have Obama's election funds investigated.
The analyst, who declines to be identified for fear of retribution, says that on four different occasions in the past three months, he sought to open formal investigations into the Obama campaign's fundraising techniques, but those investigations have been discouraged. "Without formal approval, I can't get the resources I need, manpower, that kind of thing. This is a huge undertaking." And the analyst says that he believes that campaign finance violations have occurred.

The Obama campaign has already had to deal with several FEC complaints about fraudulent donors and illegal foreign contributions, and the FEC says it has no record that those complaints have been resolved or closed. As well, the Obama campaign has been cagey at times about the means by which it has made its historic fundraising hauls, which now total almost $500 million for the election cycle. The Hillary Clinton campaign raised questions about the huge amount of e-retail sales the Obama campaign was making for such things as t-shirts and other campaign paraphernalia, and how such sales were being tracked and used for fundraising purposes. While the profits of those items counted against the $2,300 personal donation limit, there have always been lingering questions about the e-retail system.

"The question has always been, if you buy a $25 t-shirt and you go back to that purchaser eight or nine times with email appeals for $200 or $500 donations, and you have people donating like that all the time, at what point does the campaign bother to check if the FEC limit has been exceeded?" says a former Clinton campaign fundraiser. "There are enough of us from the 1992 and 1996 and 2000 races around to know that many of these kinds of violations never get caught until after the election has been won or lost.

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its no secret, the Muslims from the middle east are sending gobs of money to him, there is no way the majority of this money is "made in America"........foreigners have found a way to influence our elections right here in the USA....sad deal, but oh well.....some more CHANGE, eh? :eek:

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Here is more info:

The increasing use of online financial tools, debit cards and prepaid credit cards to make political contributions has created technological loopholes in federal and public oversight of campaign donations.

The result has been a recent spate of news stories raising questions about apparently implausible or suspicious donations to the presidential campaigns. Right-of-center activists also claim that Barack Obama's campaign has collected tens of millions of dollars from suspect overseas donors. Their complaints spurred the Republican National Committee on Oct. 6 to ask the Federal Election Commission for an investigation of the Obama donations.

To test the campaigns' practices, this author bought two pre-paid American Express gift cards worth $25 each to donate to the Obama and McCain campaigns online. As required by law, the campaigns' Web sites asked for, and National Journal provided, the donor's correct name, location and employment. The cards were purchased with cash at a Washington, D.C., drugstore, and the campaigns' Web sites were accessed through a public computer at a library in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Obama campaign's Web site accepted the $25 donation, but the McCain campaign's Web site rejected it.

Rebecca Donatelli, president of Campaigns Solutions of Alexandria, Va., which processes donations for John McCain, said her system rejected the donation because American Express could not verify that the donor lived at the address given with the online contribution.

The McCain campaign does accept normal credit card donations because staffers can easily check whether the owner of the credit card shares the same billing address as the listed donor, she said. That address-check process costs the campaign about 12 cents, she said.

"We could lower our standards and accept more money... but this is John McCain's campaign, and he wants to root out fraud in fundraising and have everything open and as honest as possible," said Donatelli.
Read more here:
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