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I've hunted all my life and have seen many, many rifles, but I lost real interest in hunting rifles when I realized that no matter what maker or calibur they were, they all looked alike. All bolt actions look almost exactly alike. All lever actions look almost exactly alike. I'm not talking about the "actions". I'm talking about the "stocks". Even when they went synthetic, they stayed exactly the same.

Why not come up with some new "cool" designs in stocks? Why not make hunting rifles interesting again. I remember some rifles that my dad's and brother's friends had that looked really cool back in the day. I don't remember exactly what they were but I know one was a Savage .308 Lever that didn't look like any lever action I ever saw a cowboy have.

I've enjoyed changing the stocks of a couple rifles I've had (because they were standard inexpensive guns anyway) and sold them for more than I paid for them new, because of the changes. That shows me that this is a good topic to discuss. I hope you think so too.

Have a great day!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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