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I was born and raised hunting pits and field decoy spreads. I shot my first canada goose(lessor), snow goose, and blue goose all up by Bottineau. We used to never think much about ducks since we always limited out on them in our snow goose spreads.

I learned how to blow a snow goose call from my dad, ducks and canadas I learned on my own. Canadas were so rare in E. ND years back that my father had never shot one. I took him out for his first canada 3 years ago, and we've shot plenty since. Kind of a weird twist to do a role reversal with your father, but enjoyable for sure.

Nowadays, I like to take whatever opportunity arises. I did every type of bird hunting possible last fall, and my truck is usually packed with decoys for each. I finally got my first duck boat experience in last year. We had been eyeing this particular island by the plant for almost a decade, and finally got out there in late November. Unreal. More mallards, divers, canadas and snows than you would want to clean in a day. And only a couple miles from home...

I was raised as spoiled as a waterfowler could get. A posted sign only meant you would be spending a half hour BSing about someone we both knew. I hope my kid has the same opportunities that I had growing up.
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