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My dad taught me how to duck hunt and blow a call. I'm a native of southern MN, and the duck hunting was awesome down there when I was a kid. Since that time, many of the sloughs have been drained, and the duck hunting has gone downhill.

Anyway, I moved to ND a couple of years ago from Indiana, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy duck hunting. I was surprised at how none of my co-workers blew a duck call, and none of them had ever hunted out of a boat. This is standard equipment back in MN, but my co-workers have always just threw out a few dekes in a pothole and hunkered down in the grass. In my opinion, there are few things funner than sitting out in a boat in a cattail slough, and calling them in. It is a special rush to turn a flock around and have them come in with wings set.

I don't know where some of this reluctance o use calls, boats, coffin blinds, and the like by some ND folks comes from. Many people of told me that you don't need them. I've heard some folks say, "Those are for those Minnesota and Wisconsin hunters!" That might be, but a good duck call in the right hands sure increases your odds.
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