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I'll still drag my 14 foot john boat around on the top of my truck for a year or two but I doubt I'll use it :grin:.

I finally started hunting Mallards in the fields last season and I think I will concentrate my efforts more in that area in the future (Had a Blast :grin: :grin: :grin: ).

I'll still drag the john boat along just in case I might need it. But I know I will always bring my big water boat as long as NR license restrictions do not restrict me from hunting the divers on DL!!! That would be a bummer :sad:.

As far as who taught me how to hunt ducks I think it was me :smile:. I had a hunting shack with a few other guys and they dabbled enough in ducks to get me started.....or I should say ADDICTED!! Once hooked I thought of little else for many years to come. I am way more into it than any of the guys I first hunted with. It's a rather fine illness indeed :beer:

Dr. Bob
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