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Who made it to the new forum?????

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Just making sure the crew is all showing up A OK.

Feel free to post up and let me know you made it! :thumb:

I'm going fishin...
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Wow...this is awesome. :) :) :)
I'm accounted for...the new layout looks Great! :beer:
Looks great Chris!! See you tonight!!!! :wink:

Dr. Bob

Like it or not they let this guy on the new site. :beer:

I like the new look, it has the feel of an ol' lodge :D
I made it finally, looks great, and is faster :eek:
Very good-lookiing new format.

Fetch, I was looking for you at the meeting in Grafton. Now I realize why you weren't there.

I had a very small kidney stone last summer and so I can't imagine having 2 at once. I just know I never want to have another one of them. A friend of my wife's said they are worse than childbirth.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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