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I tried to call in :******:

Everything discussed was totally without the main problem being recognized : There are way more Freelance (both Residents & NonResidents) hunters than Pay to hunt people.

(Anyone have the exact figures or estimates ???) on what percentage of NR's & Residebts pay to hunt ??? I am very confident it is a small percentage.

But still they (commercial hunting people) want no caps - IT MAKES NO SENSE !!! Plus they can have unlimited leasing (renting to you Eddy)
The good part of the show was Sorenson seemed to embrace the Hunter Pressure Concept. Which should help solve some of the crowding. Plus he was in favor of the State getting into more renting of lands (I hope & think he said Harvested Fields & CRP Lands & wetlands)

There was discussion how vulnerable pheasants are to weather (what I got from the Cannonball rep. was they have to have good management of the birds) :roll: - Which I took as release more birds in the spring, or as soon as they can survive outside the pen - But I still bet they are releasing birds in & on some lands during the season - Oh Brother :eyeroll: Tie up all that land, for a real minority of the people that want to come to ND & hunt in a pheasant preserve :roll: That all those kind of hunters, could go to, in their own states :******: The amounts of acreage, a guide or outfitter can rent or lease, also needs to be regulated.

Fast Eddy is really pretty S L O W :splat: & doing more harm than good to ND (I'm done listening to him) unless he wises up.

I sure hope the Legislature supports & does whats best for the Vast majority of the people(freelance Residents & Nonresidents) - Not a small minority of Non Residents (pay to Hunt) & Special Interests (those that cater to them) ??? ??? ???
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