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Well, even losing 1-0 last night, that was a great season.

Whoda thought guys like Gomez, Span, Mijares, Harris, Blackburn, Perkins and so many other 20-somethings would step in for headliners who were signed away like Hunter and Santana, or fill in big for injured stars like Cuddyer and Neshek?

Obviously, there was room for improvement, and there was that continuous "almost there" feeling all summer long. They battled and challenged, lost some tough games, won some big ones, and put together an 88-win season when most all of the pundits put them at the bottom of the AL Central with KC (who finished fourth, a game ahead of Detroit and it's $70 million Murderer's-turned-Murmurer's Row).

So for me, as a fan, as disappointing as last night was, the only real sad part about it was waking up today and not being able to hear Dick and Bert on FSN, or Gordo and Dazzle on the radio. Six months is a hell of a long time to wait to see what is certain to be a team strengthened by this long year of ups and downs. With five strong starters in the rotation, Neshek returning, Cuddy healthy, speed and experience on the basepaths and what should be a stable nine men in the field, the Twins could win it all in 2009.

It isn't "there's always next year" it's "JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THEM NEXT YEAR!" Until April - GO TWINS!
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