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White House talking more "covid" variants....

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White House urges caution on COVID variants, pushes boosters (

Now as of now they are not talking about "shut downs" or anything like that. But remember I said new variants will come out around election time so they might try to have mail in votes again..... So now that poll numbers look horrible are they setting us up for something???

Again.... My conspiracy theory hat is on super tight right now... and the black SUV's and helicopters might be circling.... lol

But just wanted to get this out there is all.

Like I always say... Do what is right for you and your family regarding covid and covid measures to take.
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CBS, ABC, CNN sound the alarm on coronavirus BA.5, call for masking: ‘The worst variant is here’ (

Hmmmm..... Politically left leaning companies now sounding the alarm... when poll numbers are horrible.

Again.... just something to keep an eye on.

I will say it again.... do what is best for you and your family.
Just want to put it out there again..... San Deigo and some other schools in CA are having mask mandates and moving to "distance" learning for summer school right now. Cedar Rapids IA is having mask mandates back on for all city buildings.

Again... Just things to keep an eye on. Like I always say do what is best for you and your family. But just want to show you that my tinfoil hat prediction of mail in votes and what not coming up this fall might not have been so OFF THE WALL. Look how things are slowly going backwards when it comes to covid.
So now Biden has covid....

Just showing the possible progression this could take again. Keep an eye on it.
I'm still wondering if he really has covid. Great excuse to pull him off the world stage and get him back to the basement before more goof ups. As a matter of fact if I had to bet I would say he doesn't have covid. Another thing if he doesn't appear real sick he can brag about what he is already bragging about. He said he had been vaxed twice and boosted twice so no worries. His lips were moving so I'm suspect he may be lying.
His lips were moving so I'm suspect he may be lying.
That is all politicians... LOL
Mask mandate looking imminent, Public Health warns against ‘long COVID’ (

Now this is from a CA news outlet. But like I mentioned.... just showing how this is progressing....
As frail as Biden is if he survives covid no one will fear it anymore. They need something scary before the midterms. Enter monkey pox. 🐒 The only problem for them is unlike what they believe the majority of Americans are not gay. So maybe Fauchi will have Wuhan work on gain of function so the virus will no longer be heterophobic.

Oh they tried to make Monkey Pox a bigger thing right away.... but then people found out how it is transmitted. So the story started to fade.

There will be another variant of Covid coming out end of August..... yes I have my tinfoil hat on, looking for black SUV's to circle along with helicopters around my house with men in black suits walking by. But it is something to keep an eye on because like in this thread... I have been tracking how people are trying to install fear again. ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS know that fear can make them gain control. It just happened the past 2 years. Some dont want to give up that control.
More cities consider bringing back mask mandates as COVID cases rise (

Mask mandates making a come back???? Again just showing you a possible progression and it keeps happening.

I will state this again: DO what you think is best for your health and the health of your family.
LA County ditches plans to reinstate universal indoor mask mandate (

I wonder if they are "following the Science"... or political pressure?

again this is a good thing but shows you that the "science" that they say they follow was just BS.

Especially after Dr. Brix came out and stated that "we knew the vaccine didn't keep you from getting COVID". Shows you how they all made it political from the get go. This should scare everyone and upset everyone. No matter your political stance. We were lied to and used as pawns.
Canuck I thought maybe you were confusing Trump and Swalwel. :)
Covid was a great tool to cheat on an election and they dont want to give it up. The liberals chanting follow the science were useful ------ tools.

What is sad is that the CDC came out and basically said what all the "conspiracy" whackadoodles had been saying all along was correct. OR the people that were call conspiracy whackadoodles was The shot isn't working as advertized (Moderna is destroying about 20 Mil shots because nobody is taking them), the guidelines were BS, didn't need to shut down schools, etc. But yeah I will wait for people to apologize for that.... just like I am waiting for my Publishers Clearing house check... LOL
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