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Which one?

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Okay fellas, I need to get 2 rifles, both bolt-actions. One for varmits and one for elk/ deer. I would like input as to which one: Win mdl 70 (pre or post '64) or Rem 700. Calibers for varmits? Optics?


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for the big game i would look at the model 700 guide gun they are light shoot good and if you going though thick stuff or tracking a elk it will be a lot nicer then a long barrel. i would buy it in a 270,280, or 7mm mag.

for varmits i would go with a .223 for shots around 300 yards. a 222 is good to about 250 and if your planing to go way out there for your shots +400yards. i would go with a 25-06
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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