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Our group of five left to go hunting for ducks and geese on Wednesday night. We were headed to the Michigan/Lakota area. Spent Wednesday night in Grand Forks and woke to find snow. Got to Michigan and while going down a dirt road, hundreds of mallards would get up, all posted land. Found a nice pond farther out of town and set up. Some shooting but ducks were high and not interested in decoys. Very few ducks at that same pond Friday morning, and most of the ducks were shovlers. However, 1/2 mile down the road, ponds were filled with mallards. Found a different pond for Saturday morning, but the low was 17 and the pond was froze, had to break it open. Only got shooting at 2 green wings. We were down on ourselves when back at the house, the owner told us of an old gravel pit that is usually open and holds duck. As we were driving in, thousands of ducks got up. Tried to get to the water but it was too mucky for my little brother. I finally found a way to get in the water, and thousands of ducks set their wings over my head, just out of range. Was just about to move closer to water to get good shooting when a man came screaming across the field with his truck. He said we were trespassing. Our host gave us permission to hunt there and we had no clue the guy owned a little piece of the pond. The others guys we hunted with have known this guy in the truck for years, and he wanted to have them locked up. What was his problem? :******: We had no clue part of it was his property. None of it was posted with his name. Sunday morning we were going to hunt on a different part of the pond, but it was deep and dangerous, so we waited til it was light. Went back to bed and at 9 my Dad came back, said it was frozen, and there were very few birds. We even saw birds frozen in the ice. We were going to leave Monday afternoon, but left Sunday at 1. It was a sad ride home to Rogers, MN. :cry: Why the so low #'s of birds, did the cold temps and frozen ponds move the birds out, would hunting in Southern North Dakota be good in two weeks. Responses would be appreciated.
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