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Shooting pen raised mallards is big around Chesapeake Bay. I had never heard of it until I went duck hunting in Md in 1998. The first 2 mallards we shot were banded and I was all excited until the locals I was with explained that they were pen raised birds that had flown away from someone's pen-raised duck roost.

I think they are called Regulated Shooting Areas (RSAs). A group of guys will get some land and then buy a bunch of pen raised mallards and let them go. They dump a bunch of feed in the water to keep the birds there. Well ahead of the season, they band them and snip off the "toe" (or whatever it is called) on the back of the duck's foot. The healed toe is what identifies the bird as a non-migrant (along with the band) and they have a separate limit for the non-migrant birds (I think it was something like 20 a day). We went to look at one after we were done hunting the Bay. The ducks were semi-tame; they didn't spook until we were about 20 yds away. Then they got up and flew about 20 yds. I guess they felt safe in that flooded timber and corn. Not something I could ever see myself doing but it was interesting to see.
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