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Congratulations, Bronco. It sounds like you found the goose that laid the golden egg. It must have been something to have someone ask you to kill all the geese you can!

Bronco said:
You make some excellent points! This last weekend I was in a small town bar visiting with the bar keep. A farmer walked in and we were visiting about football-particularily the Vikings :lol: He asked if we were in town hunting and I said yes-we were camped out at a campground about 5 miles south of town. He stated he had a lot of land in that county and "asked us" if we goose hunted! I immediately stated yes and that my truck was full of decoys. He made me a deal-he said we could hunt pheasants,grouse and deer on his land as long as we promised to kill every damn goose we could!!! He stated the resident goose population is raising hell with his crops. He swathed something-only to have 100's of geese land in it and eat, sh*t and mess it up! He hates geese and wants hunters :D I would tell you all where this is-however I am afraid I would lose this golden opportunity-however the point is there are alot of "good guys" out there, it is just a matter of meeting them! Provided people like Ed Shultz don't scare em off!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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