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When are we as Hunters going to get a clue?

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I am really getting tire of this NR vs. R debate.

Why are NR getting on the land? Very simple they ask!!!!!!! (True some pay, but alot don't). It is about time that resident hunters get this in their head. The worst that can happen is the guy says no.

Growing up and living in Central North Dakota I can't tell you how many times I had my decoy's jumped by resident non-local hunters looking for an advantage. Problem was they jumped decoys set on posted land that they didn't have permission for. Hell had they asked before hand they could have joined with me and my buddies more time then not they drove by us setting up, but no that ment talking to locals. Not once in 15 plus years of hunting did I have a NR shoot my decoys.

After NR's started showing up I still had access and made some good friends. Mosts NR's aren't going to screw up their vaction by not doing the simple things. They asked.

I lived out in the Western part of the state for 10 years and never had a problem with access, Why I asked. True some wanted to be paid but there are many forms payment. Usally it was in the form of helping work calves, sending some goose meat, sending deer sausage, controlling praire dog towns or helping control the coyote problems. Point is I still asked.

Point is we as hunters don't own the land or the birds, The farmers/ranchers own the land and the state as a whole owns the birds. And the farmer/ranchers really just want to know who is on their land. But until you ask they won't know and most likely won't ever let you on if you go without asking.

As far as guides and outfitters go, I believe it should be regulated and have some form of minumum standards that the guides have to follow. But as far as capping there business I don't think so. Would you want the goverment telling you how much you can make?

My whole point in this discussion is offer to go that extra mile and help out and simply just ask. The worst they can say is no.

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mjollnir What do you mean guides should not be liminited? Are you saying that they should have control over the existing nonresident lisenses? What about the nonresident freelancer? Or Are you saying that there should no caps with unlimited hunters?
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