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What The??? New Index???

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Hey has anyone else noticed the new forum index message?

"Cybers Satans Owned You Forum Index"

I hope no one from DL spots this! J/K :lol:

I'm just wondering the possible meanings behind the new message. I know Chris was just down in New Orleans (or as I like to call "Na'wlins")...maybe one of those voodoo'ers cast some black magic on him? :eek:
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I ran a search in Google and the Cybers Satans have done the same thing to a lot of other forums. They must be a group of Brazilian hackers. ... gle+Search
Ya aren't they cute. :-? It'll be a long night. It looks like I got everything squared away, but I'll be finishing all of the forum updates tonight to ensure this doesn't happen again.
Hackers! Holy Crap! I thought Chris was just playing a joke or something.

Man, that sucks...hopefully they didn't mess anything else up. :eyeroll:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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