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What duck call do you like the most single or double reed?

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I prefer the single reed calls :rollin: they have a sound and volume range that i can only get with a single reed! :huh:
Would like to hear some opinions on good calls/makers and why they work for you... :peace:
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Rich-n-Tone seems to have the best reputation that I hear of. I stick to the cheaper calls for ducks. We get the first cracks at them up here so you don't need to be a pro. I've found that overcalling is usually an overkill, so I usually stick to a few highballs to bring interest, and follow up with a lot of chuckling (we do a lot of field hunting for ducks).

Single reeds for volume, double reed when they get in close. That would probably my only preference for one or the other.
Single reeds for me....we get first crack at them over here too, but you can't beat the range of a single reed. Get's wicked loud and whisper soft if used properly. Big Guys Best are my faves, but RNT is right up there, too.
NY GOOSER, im a RNT myself and like the RNT MVP the most right now!!!
This call can scream out the hail calls and then get as quiet as a hen mallard commanding them into the hole...hard to beat it.Come on fellas lets get some more feedback.....only 2 responces??? :lol:
I have to admit that the range with a single reed is better, but I like the raspy sound of a double reed better. To each their own, I guess. I have also found that a double reed is easier to blow (I'm no pro). I usually carry at least a couple of calls when I hunt, and I think that there is less variability on calling requirements (force, etc) with double reed calls. Therefore, I can switch from call to call without much difficulty.
Good points big daddy. I too believe that the double reed is a little more forgiving than a single reed. In addition, I think that a double reed is able to generate more volume than a single reed.
Sorry bioman but if you think a double reed can achieve more volume than a single you obvioulsy havent heard a good single...a double is much raspier from the gun but no way is it louder ask about anyone....
I go by results and the winner hands down is FAULK'S Duck calls. The WA-33 is the best sounding call on the market and the DMC-64 Drake Mallard will bring em down when they are circling. For less than $15 bucks how can you go wrong :D
I personally like a double reed better, they're just so easy to get a quack out of. I just picked up a knight and Hale acrylic DR for $40! it sounds great, can't wait to use it this season. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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