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Just don't tell them of your infatuation with Avery!... :D

This is over-simplified, but you need cash or investors with cash, an idea or product that has more going for it than what is currently available, and far more drive than it takes to work a 9-5 job.

Speaking of Dakota Decoys, this is why they hit the ground running and are pushing the established decoy companies so hard, so quickly. Essentially, they took the best features of currently available FB decoys and combined them into their decoy, use a paint & paint system that matches that of G&H decoys which are legendary as having the best & longest lasting paint jobs, improved the base system beyond any currently made, sell their decoys at a competitive price, and back them with rock solid, no hassle customer service.

The majority of start up small businesses fail within, if I remenber correctly, 5 years. I bet that in the current economic situation, it would be darn tough to start up something completely new that is viable...
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