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What are the commercial sides going to do - to give back ???

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Help make their areas more welcome to Hunters ???

I still say 90 % of hunters are Freelance.

What can be done to promote your towns ???

How will you help get access, for the visitors that are so valuable to your economy ???

What can the G&FD do to help the already overcrowded areas (for waterfowl) ??? - & I'm not going to the regional meeting - So when I finally do make my suggestions - I hope someone will listen & send them to someone who will listen (cause all the meetings we had sure don't seem to produce results ) :******: :poke: Why won't they (Govenor & G&F Director) come online (or start their own online place for ideas) ???
Or is all they do - is wait for the Legislature :roll:

I have & have had some good ideas - that have fell by the wayside & I doubt will be taken serious :(

I have several more, that sure could help the Devils Lake area - (& I'm sure many others) But I want to hear from the commercial sides 1st ??? (two or three of my ideas would be significant) & should not ruffle too many feathers. I'm sad no one seems to be even looking for answers - some are obvious & should have been done already. :huh: :( :huh:
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Or is it enough to have the motel(s) (if they have one) Full ??? & the Bars busier & the cafes sell a few extra meals ??? & the Gas station sell a few extra tanks of gas ??? & you can delete several of these if the Guide provides for them ???

Now what are the other (aprox.) 50,000 suppose to do ??? (both Residents & Non-Residents ) ??? Thats if there is a Cap ??? When is enough enough ??? 60,000 70,000 80 or 100,000 ???

& what ??? Let them all come the first few weeks of the seasons :( Oh I forgot the zones will help - (I thought we had 3 zones) ??? & spliting the Pheasant License - will do what ??? Seems more like a Tweak than a change ??? --- Sure study it :-? - My opinion things have changed so fast that all the experts that like to do (jobs depend on them) Studies. Are so far behind the curve on all this, they will never catch up :******: & what if they are wrong ???

Doesn't look like the G&FD wants to lose the income from License sales ??? In fact they most likely will tell us, the more the better (More PLOTS) :roll:

SORRY !!! I just don't see the real benefits to all this - I see mis-management & do as little as possible - with hopes on a program, that will never keep up with demand. & not do much for waterfowlers.

But I could be wrong ??? Tell me about it ???
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