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Kind of off subject but thought I would mention since I didn't see any posts on the subject. In Wi we have a few gray fox and a few winters back I called one out of a swamp and he came smoking out of there (just a beautiful thing I play in my mind over and over) and he stopped in a cut corn field (CLOSE) and I started blazin & unbelievably I missed (Maybe the cold, maybe the excitement), it was his nite. …. Anyways, just wondering any of you guys from Mi or Mn have any experiences w/ them, assuming you have them? I know down south they have lot of them. I've heard they claim they aren't as smart????? Heard from another hunter they will go in a box trap??? I always have a few around the house in the swamp, got a beautiful picture of one on my deer cam. Last year I tried calling them and had no luck though. This year I'll hopefully take care of at least one on winter break, I'm going to get a little more serious about it….. neat lookin little critters…
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