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What a mistake that was!

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Drove to Ashtabula this weekend. Fished last hour and a half of daylight Fri by Katie's Landing. Nothing. Then fished Ashtabula crossing Sat morning. Two perch right after drilling holes, then nothing. Left at 11. Went up Baldhill creek and picked up one 12 inch eye. Then went to Katie's again for an hour. Nothing. Went to face of dam. Nothing. Went to Hobart. Couldn't get on with vehicle cause the entry was snowed in. Two parties were there and they had about 15 perch. I tried in 6 feet of water and got two. Drove 560 miles home. Should have gone to Valentine in Ne. instead. Oh well, that's the way ice fishing is. At least I had an excuse to buy a new Jiffy, my first power auger, and now I wonder why I never owned one until now.

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Well I was surely in the channel at Kelly's cause I was just south of the bridge. Punched holes where I always used to fish in the 80's, right in the channel. Maybe I just should have stayed there like I used to back then, but after talking to some people in the resort, it sounded like everyone was having a slow time.

It was sure pretty up there along the lake, looking at all the deer coming out of the sloughs into the fields, and along Baldhill creek. Beautiful hills with cover sticking out of the snow. I just wanted to grab a gun and go walking the hills so bad.

I really miss the state.

Yes they were catching perch on Hobart. I was there only 2 min and caught a small one in 6 feet. Didn't have time to get to the deep water. I was on the part south of I-94.

I didn't see anyone on the north end of Hobart, but not being familar with it too much, and driving like a banchee trying to get to the south end before sundown, I could have missed them. I did see some tracks from the highway going out onto the ice from Hwy 1 on the north but couldn't tell how old they were. I assume the north end is shallower. I bet there is still some there even with a fish kill. Probably the tough ones left.
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