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Waterfowl harvest #'s 2002 vs 2001

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Here's the harvest numbers report: ... tivity.pdf

Lots of interesting comparisons within:
For instance, 5% fewer ND's bothered to go out last year. Take a look at Texas - 30% fewer guys decided it wasn't worth it last year. Not a good sign for the future if the govna thinks Texas's model is the one to follow.

Another thing that struck me as odd was the harvest change in pintails in the Central and Mississippi flyways. All the Central flyway folks really layed off the pintails (I did) because the numbers are still way down. Even the Pacific flyway pintail harvest was down by 25%. Same is true for most of the Mississippi flyway- except Minn, Wisc., Michigan - where the harvest went way way up. Heck, even Louisianna's and California's pintail harvest went way down. What's a reasonable interpretation?

I doubt if a biological interpretation is appropriate. I propose that it is an objective indication of hunter behavior....

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You kind of lose credibility when you live in ND and have not one but two duck boats. :lol:
In Hustads defense the geese that live on the golf courses in town and fly out to the surrounding country side to feed are not considered "domestic" geese. But if they were considered domestic then he and I, goosebuster and a few others around here have pushed up that average.
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