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WANTED: Youth Bow

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I am looking for a used bow for my son. He has a 25" draw length and 35 to 45 pull weight.
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when does he need it by i'm gonna buy myself a new one when ever i get my deer this fall (soon hopefully) it is a browning micro eclipes it is a great bow 40-50lbs would work great for you son. lot of extras, i just bought a brand new pre stretched string for it ($190) hole thing 350 i payed double that with everything, if interested ill send you pics thanks. ask any q
i got a fred bear forcorn youth bow think its set on 25 draw now 40 -45 lbs good youth bow wisker biscut rest new sights peep sight hardshell case and some arrows with quiver 200 for everything give me a shout 701-228-4961
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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