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Wanted: JON BOAT

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I am looking for a new or used 1448 or 16' jon boat. trailer would be nice. if any of u guys see something around or in your papper lemme know. also could use a 25 HP outboard. thanks
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I have some buddies from MN that just bought a really nice Alumicraft modifed V John. it is really nice, has the false floor and all the features. Also makes a hell of a bass rig in the summer. If you want me to check I can as them where they got it and what type of price they got it for.
that would be great decoyer...i dunno what i really want besides a mod-v. check it out!
Sorry it took so long to get back to you. They paid 7 grand for the whole package. It has a 25 merc which just flies, however they claim that it is way too big if you hunt a lot in heavy vegetation.
Here is link to the boat, theirs is somewhat different because they customized it.
decoyer,thanks for the info
that is a sweet boat! i am gonna look into that model. I am gonna stick a merc jet drive on it. But that is the type of boat I will be getting. I sure do like the camo, thanks again.
Blake now you owe Zach a hunt..... :wink: :beer:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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