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I'm trying to deal with my dilemma (paradigm or old
word for always thinking in the box). At the risk of
throwing my self to the wolves, I submit to you for
discussion (keep the flames down please) my
concern for the Hunting Heritage vs Money game
we are trying to deal with.

The Landowner Sportsmen Council's
campaign "ASK and the gates MAY open"
I hope that will always be "Top Page" advice.

A possible solution for that advice being taken to
another level of indirect help would be to hire a
PRIVATE "clearing house" to connect Sports
persons and willing landowners for the purpose of
free access. A government run system would not
be trusted enough to encourage landowners to
participate, according to a members only farmers
organization running such a system in 2002.
This could be funded and set up by the legislature
through the Landowner Sportsmen Council and/or
the Private Lands Initiative.

I hope there are other ideas to set up such a system,
because I have my doubts that Legis could fund such
a system without having access to all the information.

Do you know of any unbiased organization that could
handle this?
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