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Walleye Equipment

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I am curious to see what everyone uses for a rod and reel for walleye?? Some of these rods and reels can get crazy in price. Last year I bought a Cabela's xml rod and platinum zx rod. These rods really helped me feel those light bites. This year I have picked a loomis and St.Croix rod and shimano sustain reel. I have a stradic, but like the drag better on the sustain...
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My only piece is a Fenwick HMG with a Pinnacle Deadbolt Limited reel. I really like it. It is only 5.5' lt/md but I managed to pull a 54" sturgeon out of the St. Croix River on 6# test. Get this, a Lindy Rig with a worm. It took 1.5 hours to land it, and yes, there are pictures.
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