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Walker's Game Ear

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Anyone used the Walker's Game Ear? I'm starting to get hearing loss and trying to keep what I have, but I'm a little sketchy about throwing that much money into it. It's also pretty small and looks easy to lose.

I'd appreciate any feedback, thanks!
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I started using the Peltor Tactical 6-S electronic muffs last season--wish I would have started using them years ago. I think I was starting to get tinnitus (ringing of the ears). I know my ears used to ring non-stop during the season. Anyway, the Tact 6's were about $110 (bought them NIB on Ebay). As stated in the post above, much cheaper than even 1 hearing aide. They are compact so they don't interfere with shouldering the gun. You can adjust the volume and they help keep your ears warm too. Negatives are that, although they amplify sound, it's harder to get a fix on the direction the sound is coming from. Also, they muffle the sound of your call so you have to get used to calling with them on. Or, move them off your ears while you are calling.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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