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HB 1307: A BILL for an Act to amend and reenact section 20.1-03-07.1 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to limitations on nonresident waterfowl hunting license and reduced fee incentives.

The question being on the final passage of the amended bill, which has been read, and hascommittee recommendation of DO PASS, the roll was called and there were 39 YEAS, 54 NAYS, 0 EXCUSED, 1 ABSENT AND NOT VOTING.

YEAS: Berg; Boe; Boehning; Boucher; Brusegaard; DeKrey; Devlin; Froelich; Froseth; Galvin; Gulleson; Haas; Headland; Hunskor; Johnson, D.; Johnson, N.; Klein, F.; Klein, M.; Kreidt; Nelson; Nicholas; Niemeier; Norland; Nottestad; Onstad; Price; Ruby; Sandvig; Schmidt; Severson; Svedjan; Thorpe; Tieman; Timm; Uglem; Warner; Weisz; Wikenheiser; Speaker Wentz

NAYS: Aarsvold; Amerman; Bellew; Belter; Bernstein; Carlisle; Carlson; Clark; Delmore; Delzer; Dosch; Drovdal; Eckre; Ekstrom; Glassheim; Grande; Grosz; Hanson; Hawken; Herbel; Iverson; Kasper; Keiser; Kelsch, R.; Kelsh, S.; Kempenich; Kerzman; Kingsbury; Klemin; Koppelman; Kretschmar; Kroeber; Maragos; Martinson; Meier; Metcalf; Monson; Pietsch; Pollert; Porter; Potter; Rennerfeldt; Sitte; Skarphol; Solberg; Thoreson; Wald; Warnke; Weiler; Wieland; Williams; Winrich; Wrangham; Zaiser

Engrossed HB 1307 lost.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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