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YaHoo -

1 1/2 hrs to go and I'm outta here :D

It's home to load the boat, spend a nice evening with the family and then up and GONE at 4:00 to spend the next 5 days on Basswood Lake in the Boundry Waters with my Dawg and the guy's.

I can already taste the fresh walleye's and MGD!!!


Dr. Bob
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Thanks Guy's.

It was fun! But the weather was rough with high humidity and one bad storm along with several small ones to follow. I think we got a total of 4 inches of rain while we were there.

It was cool though! We saw many Bald Eagles, Loons, Beaver, and had a Moose swim past our camp site. The fishing was kinda slow with the bad weather but we did manage to catch enough willy's for a "PIG OUT" fish fry and brought about 2 lbs of fellets home each. The fish were very nice in the 17 to 23 inch range. No Hawgs but I am planning on going back in on July 4th so maybe then!

I did not take too many pic's and still have some left to shoot on the roll. When I get it developed I'll put them in my photo album here (if there are any good ones).

Yes Madison - I went in over Prairie Portage (Strange name for a place out in the middle of the woods :lol: .
You are right - Basswood is an AWESOME place. I have been kicking around the idea of a sled dog trip for a while now. I know that would be a blast!!! And the best part - NO BUGS -

BTW - If you go to my photo album you will see a picture of a Hawg I caught last year in Hoyst Bay on Basswood. Sometimes the picture is on display when you open this site.

Later guys-

Dr. Bob

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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