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A couple of things I learned from residnents opener this year.

1.) Land prices are getting out of hand!!!

My friend and I were out scouting last Friday and spotted a good amt. of geese on two quarters of land owned by two different people. We knew both and called the first to see if anyone was hunting Sat. morning. What he told us blew us away. He told us the ownership had changed hands because his dad had died and his family but the land on the open market instead of selling it to him. it was a quarter(160 acres) that sold to a group from Fargo for 160,00 or 1,000 per acre..of that only 50 acres are farmable and the rest is sloughs and grass.

2.) Guides have a lot of nerve

We were scouted Sat. night and saw a huge amt. of birds on land that had a poster that hunters wecome..ask for permission. We knew the name on the poster was a guy that guided which seemed strange to us. So we stopped by the house and asked if we could hunt. He told us no his family was hunting the next day but in the next breath asked if he could sit in my dear stand. I said no problem because I had already shot my deer. The next day after we hunted we drove by the field and it had not been hunted. We stopped by the house and asked what was up. After not saying much I asked your signe means if there are birds in the field the answer to hunt is birds no problem hunt all you want. He said yes I was right and I said by the way no chance in hell you will be hunting my deer stand.

That said it was a great weekend. We had a great hunt both days and to get permission one of the days we helped do some work on the farm(2 hours) and will be able to hunt this particualr farmers land the rest of the year.
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