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turkeys r cool

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Aren't the guys on this website a little one-dimensional? There's a lot more to hunt in the nodakoutdoors than black geese, and turkeys are a gas in spring and fall if you HUNT them, and don't just whack the first one you see.
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I've applied with no luck the past couple years....maybe with the points I'll finally get one in my zone this year.

I've seen turkey hunting about a million and one times on TV, I spose it's time to experience it for real.

I've played with box calls and found them to be real easy up front. I've even practiced with a mouth call but mastering that won't be this spring that's for sure.

I know of some roosts, and I think the first way I'll approach them is to get them en route to their feeding field.

Have you ever used a decoy? I'm wondering if it would help pull the toms away.
Trial and error......

Sounds like my kind of hunting. I can't wait to finally give 'er a good run. (it's my year to get drawn :sniper: 8) )
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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