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turkeys r cool

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Aren't the guys on this website a little one-dimensional? There's a lot more to hunt in the nodakoutdoors than black geese, and turkeys are a gas in spring and fall if you HUNT them, and don't just whack the first one you see.
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Best action around in the spring. I prefer mouth diaphram calls.
+) lots of product variety for sound
+) hands are free. No hand movement while calling.
+) rain (or snow) does not wet the chaulk or the strike plate.
+) easy to practice while driving around town. Just don't swallow that

I have hunted turkeys in several states. MN splits their season into 7 or 8 separate 5 day seasons to allow more hunters out. Wisconsin and Iowa also have split time seasons for spring turkey. The birds can handle the hunting pressure and the split seasons spread out the hunters. Of course when your five days come up - you go no matter the weather.

MN is a fairly easy to draw a license if you pick later seasons. Try for the first three seasons and you may wait a year or two.

Maybe that would be a solution for more eastern ND hunters to chase turkeys in eastern ND. Split the current unit 37 & 40 seasons into two separate seasons (early and late). In eastern ND, I have to believe that the amount of available hunting areas (hunter density) has as much to do with number of permits issued as bird populations. Sheyenne river bottoms carry a lot of turkeys, but can only support so much hunting pressure at once.

Wish ND had a very small, limited NR draw. My brother's farm typically holds anywhere from 50 - 100 turkeys. See them in the hills everyday we are returning from our waterfowl or pheasant hunts. His phone number becomes pretty popular about 5 days before the ND spring season opens.
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