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D.U. is prohibited from lobbing efforts due to it's non-profit status, and there lies the problem in them getting into the fight. They have and currently are puting I do beleive almost 90% of all money raised into wetland conservation. I wanted to point this out not as an excuse but to shed some light to the discussion.

For those who have freinds or family that are in farming and deal with the temp or seasonal wet land, ask them what they will do with them this year? Then reflect on those anwsers to find a solution to this with out the allenation of the landowners.

There are reasonable and workable solutions to this and my reading of the proposed legislation deals with some but leaves some area's void. We need bipartisan work on this issue not finger pointing and name calling as to who did what.

We have a current contingent in Washington that represents all of ND not just some,and they need reminding of this. Holding them accountable and not letting them spin or blame someone else for the situation and having others do the same in there states is the only way that this can be fixed.

We have the problem and spending time raging on and on who is responsible, instead of finding solutions will cause any action to be delayed and delays mean permanet damage.
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