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Ton's of Pheasants around this AM

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I was out looking around a bit this morning and was amazed at the number of birds I saw. I bet I saw 30 or so in 5 spots. Only one roody though. He better get to work and cover some ground!!!
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Doug,While going fishing this winter I seen about12-15 pheasants just west of your place along 94.3 roosters,the rest were hens.
There is a hunting pres. just n. of town. I'm sure that's where they came from.
it's going to be a good year for pheasants, more than i've seen in years.
Relatively mild winters the last few years combined with good nesting conditions have helped the birds rebound after the tough winters of the mid - late 90s (specifically the winter of 96-97). With a good hatch this spring/summer we should be in good shape this fall. 1 rooster to 5-6 hens is a good ratio to have...keeps the roosters busy. :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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