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Hello all,

Well this no hunting thing is driving me nuts.I have just moved to Alberta this July with my wife and started our professional lives. I am originally from Kelowna and have been hunting all of my life. I had lived in MN for the past 6 years finishing up my schooling after going down there on a hockey scholly. I recently in Aug wrote and completed the PAL test but that doesn't get issued to me for 3 months which means hunting season will be over by then. THe past 4 years I have spent duck hunting and pheasant hunting and not being able to hunt this year is killing me. I have a 2 year old and 18 month old lab that are fully hand, whistle and command trained (of course they're young but they are doing excellent in training). So here is my offer to anyone that would be interested in the Leduc/Beaumont area:

Because my dogs are young and have not had a ton of experience, and because I cannot hunt due to the PAL issue; I would like to offer myself as a dog handler and my dogs to anyone that is interested in having some help retrieving birds. It can be in the fields or on water. My dogs are excellent retrievers and I don't want them to lose a season at such a young age. In return, all I ask is that you teach me some tips in waterfowl hunting, teach me how the hunting system runs here in Alberta in regards to the regs and show me some available hunting land/area that I could hunt in the future. I don't want to steal your fav spots or anything like that. I really just want to get to know some people and learn some spots where I could shoot a bird or two come next season. I work mon-fri right now with no holidays (new guy), so I would have to be a weekend hunter. So please if anyone is interested in the services of my dogs please let me know by PMing me.

Thanks alot

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