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So right now somethings to think about going on.

In Minneapolis/St. Paul (along with other cities) they are implementing a "vaccine passport". So you need to show identification that you are vaccinated or test negative before you can do certain activities where food is served. Be it going to a bowling alley, eating at a restaurant, going to a ball game, etc. Many think that this is perfectly fine and acceptable. Our Elected officials think this is good.

What to know about vaccine mandates for dining in the Twin Cities |

Now in DC our elected officials are fighting tooth and nail to get asking for ID to vote in elections is wrong.

Again.... to show ID to vote in a national election = WRONG... but having to show ID/Vaccine info to eat, watch a ball game, go shopping, etc = Good?

Think about it. Now if the "vaccine passports" are still going come election time.... wont you have to show ID/vaccination card to vote?

Discuss? Would love to hear thoughts on this from all sides. Like I stated it is going directly against each other. Because if the passports are in place at the time of voting... wont you have to show ID/vaccine info going into vote?
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