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So just bringing these things to attention that might not be making the news cycle because of the Supreme court leak...

1. CDC came out and said that they "Tracked" millions of cell phones to see if people were following social distancing rules and stuff. BIG INVASION OF PRIVACY.

2. Pfizer came out and stated that they knew that the shot was only 12% effective not 95%. So yeah... we were lied too. This goes towards Trump and Biden administrations. Both had their fingers in the vax and its roll out. BTW... the first quarter of this year they made $26,000,000,000.

3. The Head of the Teachers Union is coming out and stating that kids mental health right now is at an all time low. All because they had too much screen time and isolation from friends and what not. HMMMMM.... wasn't she the one who pushed for distance learning for the past 2 years and scalped money from the tax payers to do it.

4. Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage while doing a comedy set by an armed person. This goes to show you how brazen people have become. Again it is a whack- A- doodle who did this. But shows you how they "brushed" aside the Will Smith slap and how people think that they wont have any repercussions for doing stupid stuff like this. Look how people think violence is OK. You know BLM, ANTIFA, Jan 6th, etc. All can be violent and get away with it.

5. A push for $30 minimum wages.... YES THAT IS CORRECT.... Someone who makes minimum wage will make $60K a year!!! What do you think that will do to small town grocery stores, farmers, starbucks, etc. What do you think that will do to prices of goods and services. What do you think Unions will now ask for wages to do work???? A teacher with a masters in some schools makes $75-80K... now someone working at wal mart stocking shelves will make just as much without any degree.

6. Student loan forgiveness for anyone who is making less than $125K.

7. Obama, Clinton, Soros, and Europe Government and staffers are going after Musk and twitter. Sending letters to advertisers to boycott Twitter. HMMMMMMMM BTW... Musk hasn't even changed one thing or fired anyone as of yet. But still all up in arms about this.

George Soros, Clinton and Obama staffers and European governments are behind anti-Musk campaign | Daily Mail Online

8. To end on a positive note.... Aaron Judge hit a monster home run in Toronto. A Bluejays fan caught the ball and immediately gave it to a young NY Yankees fan. This is why sports are great.

(21) MLB on Twitter: "You love to see it! A young Yankee fan was given an @TheJudge44 HR ball by a Blue Jays fan. 馃グ" / Twitter

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So to the above #4...

(21) Andy Ng么 馃彸锔忊嶐煂 on Twitter: "Update: Soros-supported Los Angeles district attorney @GeorgeGascon has declined to pursue the case against Isaiah Lee, the man who was arrested over tackling Dave Chapelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl. He was carrying a realistic-looking replica gun & knife." / Twitter

The DA in LA has decided not to pursue a case against a guy who rushed a stage, had a weapon on him, and tried to attack someone.

And now the world wonders why crime is rampant in the USA. They let people get away with things like this.

You dont think this could possibly green light some other crazies thinking that they can do things like this.
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