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The pedophile in chief tax hikes

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Seeing that the chinese balloon diverted the msm from the pedophile in chief, traitor biden's stolen classified documents.
Here's something more to discuss!
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People who vote for these liberals lack the common sense to understand that taxing rich companies doesn't punish rich companies, which in their jealousy they want to do, but punishes everyone because companies pass the expense on to the consumer. The only other thing they can do is reduce number of employees, or replace employees at a lower wage.
I was reading that the United States has 600 billionairs. They think they can keep up this spending taxing them more. Think about it, they coukd tax them 100% and it woukd be less than half of Bidens last spending spree. Then what? No more billionairs to provide jobs. Hmmmm maybe that's the goal.
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