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The Mystical Bluemont lake honker.

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Disclaimer: This story was told to me by one of my friends who was working lanscaping by Bluemot Lakes in Fargo this week.

Supposedly this person was working in a yard next to Bluemot lakes when he heard the sound of approching canada geese. He looked up to see seven geese flying towards him tree top high. (This part I believe because geese that fly around Fargo are stupid this time of year) As they approached he noticed one that looked very different. It was the same size as the other six geese but it had one strange characteristic. It was totally white.

So of course being the skeptic I am I said "Are you sure it wasn't a snow?" "I know what a F-ing snow is" he replied. "It wasn't a Swan" I said. "No I swear (at this point I'm ready to call bull****) it was a goose because it honked when it was right over me. You can ask Bruce or Dan they were both there too"

So what I need now is for Goosebuster3 (Tyler) to ask Dan if he saw the Mystical Bluemot Lake white honker. If you could do this for me Tyler I would appreciate it.

If it turns out to be true I have only one goal this fall: To find this unicorn of the waterfowl world and see if I can harvest him and put him on my wall.
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Im going to start tracking that Bastard...hehe. He's all mine. My buddy Dan that also works with GG friend saw it to. So there are 2 hunting party's after him.
I'll make sure that bird never migrates south again!!
LOL!!!!!!! My singnature is pretty stupid but what the hell, Im goofy all the time.
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