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Well it has taken a while to get some pictures posted from our trip out West in September. We ended up with a few different things! I never got a great chance at an animal I wanted to take, however a few of the guys with us did!

I did fling a couple arrows I suppose! 8)

Nice buck taken on Private land! Spot and stalk

Nice Goat, also taken spot and stalk. This guy has been shooting at 100 yards. I believe this one was shot at 78 yards.

First Bow kill! He was stoked! I think he went through a dozen arrows on the trip!

It was a really fun trip! Many many sneeks that ALMOST went as planned! I had a really nice 12 inch Goat chilling out at 10 yards infront of me while I was in the Double Bull, Just coulden't pull the trigger with the big guys that were hanging around!
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