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The meme thread for a laugh

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They say there is often truth in humor, I'll add there are also a lot of lies. However if you have a sense of humor they are all funny.
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I think when its your money you should choose your classes. I told my supervisor when we were debating what classes I would take in college that when I go to McDonalds and order a BigMac I get a BigMac not a fish sandwich, and the class he wanted me to take was more like a veggie burger. He shook his head, but relented. Years later he ended up on a senior citizen buss trip with my in-laws. The conversation turned to oh do you know xyxyxy, yup he said stubbornness person I ever met. 😇 lol I know Canuck will agree. He is my stubbornness twin.;)

Funny I had the same conversation with my initial college supervisor. When I went to get my first ever semester classes. I tested really high in math. So he advised me of taking some "high" level math classes. I told him all I need for a prerequisite for the major I wanted was a pre-calculus. He kept trying to push me for the higher math classes. I told him I am going for a business degree and will be out of here in 4 years maybe 5 if things go well with my baseball career. (they didn't got cut start of year 3). He did finally give in because he knew I was correct. I wonder how many kids actually fall for those things or dont push back.... end up taking a few classes they dont need and waste a year or two because some advisor pushed them into a direction they didn't want to go.

But side not on my story. My first day in my Pre-Calc class the teacher was doing roll call and when he got to my name. He said see me after class. I talked to him. He said so you are the one who tested really high and decided to take my class (My advisor must have talked with him). I said "yep that was me". He told me to open up the math book and stop on the chapter where I felt less "comfortable". I was about 5 chapters or so in the book. He said.... See you in two weeks. He told me he would give me credit for the high end of the curve for any tests and quizzes. I dont know if this was right or wrong what he did. But I thanked him since it was a class that was early morning. And yes... I did get an A in it when the semester was over.
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It also ticked me off buying a student activity ticket when I was paying 7% on my state loan. I went to NDSU, but never went to a football game, basketball, dance, movie. speaker nothing. What a waste of MY MONEY. Half their classes were worth it. T h evother half we were forced into or no one woukd take them. What a rip off.
Ah geez it's not funny! It is sad.
Everyone glomming onto consiracy theories like that.
Here's another for the Plainsman...
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Thing is: Ukraine is a Democracy. The U.S. is not!
Canuck most of the violence was undercover FBI agents. Unless of course you count that diminutive lady peaking in the window that they **** in the neck. That must have been tough for her being conscious as she bled out thinking the people I risked my life for just murdered me.
Canuck I know you think of her as a criminal, but have you put on a uniform and risked your life for the USA?
Speaking of the Ukraine I understand that it has been verified that it was a Ukraine missile that was shot into Poland and killed people. Looks like their president was trying to give Biden a chance to get into the war.
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