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The greatest shotgun ever

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I just want to start things off by saying that the greatest shotgun EVER is the Remington 870 Wingmaster. Any comments?
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Your gonna have to guess my opinion on this one.
Chris, what kinda pattern density you gettin' with that thing in the 30" circle at 40? :wink:
Folks, its easy, but you must have a gun stamped Heckler and Koch. All you need to do is load the mag, slowly pull the bolt back to where there is enough room to slide a shell onto the carrier, slide one into the chamber, and shut the bolt. Take the gun and slowly pull the bolt back a few times just to learn how far it will go before the carrier engages. BenelliUSA switched this as soon as they began selling them. By the way I am in no way responsible for you getting your *** in trouble if you do this while out hunting. It is a very good feature for Snow's, and all other game not requiring a plug. Do it out hunting, and a game warden will hear 4 shots, you'll be SOL. You have been warned! :sniper:
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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