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The greatest shotgun ever

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I just want to start things off by saying that the greatest shotgun EVER is the Remington 870 Wingmaster. Any comments?
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Distant runners up would have to be as follows:

Winchester Model 12
Browning A-5
Ithaca Model 37
Remington 1100
Daisy Red Ryder, I hear they pattern very consitently.
My gun of choice now is an 11-87 too. I have never had a problem with it in ten years until last fall when we had 1000 of snow geese with 15 yards and it wouldn't cyle a new shell. Man, that was so lame!
Yes, I admit that I had to fall back on that BGH thing. It did feel nice but I didn't like the shell feeder. It would cut into your thumb when you loaded the magazine with that nice sharp "v" shaped cut-out. I don't know what happened to the 11-87 that day. It has worked fine ever since. Just cursed I guess. That's the closest I had ever been to that many birds in my life, until the next morning, when we scored 16 birds on 4 shells (somebody's Nova jammed....again) I know that a 2 sided shotgun case in my future so I can fly with my Wingmaster too and keep those icky Browing germs off of my hands. However, I do own a very nice Belgian made stainless High-Power 9mm. I like that particular Browning quite well, but my shotguns will always be Remingtons, because they are cool and have more knockdown than Hustad's Daisy Red Ryder, which, I hear, patterns quite well.
Wow, that post is like 3 years old.
I just think its funny that I am being heckled for a post form 3 years ago. Relax. :roll: :beer:
1 - 6 of 81 Posts
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