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I read with disgust the letters to the editor and the opinon letter of a staff writer in the outdoors section then in Saturdays paper of the Forum, the reprint of the benson county editors letter. We as sportmen need to write thoughful non malicie letters letting the good people of Nd aand the editors of our major newspapers that the guides and outfitters are the issues that have hurt the checkbooks of the samll rural business men and women.

1 outfitter 120,000 acres 20-30 hunters most staying in the house that is provided eating meals at the lodge, no reason to venture into the small town or business to spend any money.

Same acres 200 hunters possible that are buying gas eating at the diner, having a bump or two at the local bar before going to the local hotel or bed and breakfast for the night. Look at the dollars that are spread around.

This is also a biological issue for our Game and Fish.
No access for deer hunting thus the increase in the number of deer fences that are being put up by the Game and Fish , the increase in your insurance rates due to comp losses from car and deer collisons. the potential loss of a loved one due to the death from that crash. The increased risk that our herd will become infected with CWD
Loss of income to the farmer due to to many deer, or geese feeding on the swathed grain, or bean ,corn or sunflower fields. We are having early season hunts for geese but this doesn't help if the land that the geese are on is leased and only a small amount of birds are removed.

We need to be a united voice in stating that the issue is lest Res verse Nonres but a access issue. Sit down write the Grand Forks Herald, Bismarck Tribune, Forum Minot Daily your local gossip paper. and your elected officals.

Make the effort to leave your emotions out of the writings and stay with the issues. This will increase the chances of your letter being published and this will lead to more people reading and understanding what it is that we are trying to say.

I am writing to the Forum the GF Herald and Wapheton papers, I challenge all of you that read this to contact at least 2 papers in writing, and to have your hunting partners do the same.
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