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"The Debander" Goose Call Giveaway.....sign up!

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I'd like to welcome the newest partner here at Nodak Outdoors and I'm really excited about it!

Randy "Moose" Merta has been making calls for years and is now offering them to the public. All calls are custom made by Randy himself. They are acrylic, short reed calls and very sweet!

You can find more information about them at

To sign up, all you have to do is be registered through the forum...and post up giving thanks to Randy on this thread! I'll pick 10 at random and will let the NASDAQ closing in a few weeks decide the winner.

Good Luck!!! :beer:

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Well thanks Randy for your donation and support.
Chris how does this Nasdaq thing work?
I'll pick 10 names out of a hat.

Than on the last day of the contest, the last digit of the NASDAQ will decide the one person get's zero, another get's one, another gets two, etc.

Whatever number it closes on decides the winner (I think it's the best way to ensure it's fair).
put me in! thanks Randy and Nodak Outdoors for a chance!
I just want to say welcome and thanks to Randy Merta and Debander Goose Calls on behalf of NodakOutdoors.

I tell ya Randy. That call of yours sounds great! I heard Mark blow it, and it does it all and loudly!

Heck, I don't think I can wait to see if I am a lucky winner. I'll probably buy one before this is settled, but I can always give that to my hunting buddy. That is if he can pry it from my fingers! :)

Take it easy,
Welcome aboard Randy, I'll throw my name in the hat.
Thanks Randy for the kind donation! I've been hearing this is one sweet sounding call. I'll have to get one...that is if I can't win one! :)

Matt Jones
Looks like a great call, wouldn't mind giving it a try. Count me in on the drawing.
Hey Randy, heard alot of good things about your call. Heard Mark blowing one tonight, sounded pretty awesome. Love to win one, if not I'll have to break down and buy one. You the man , Randy :beer: :D
Randy thanks for the support. Chris put me in

Thanks Dean
Put me in too Chris
Thanks Randy! Put me in for the drawing..

Keep it reel
Thanks Randy. Put me in for the drawing Chris..Thanks Nodak Outdoors.
Thanks Randy. I would also like to express my thanks and throw my name in the hat with everybody else.

Hey Thanks Randy. Sign me up I always need a new call. LOL
Thanks again Randy.
Hey there I am new to this form, but I just wanted to say that I have heard Mark blow the debander call and it is a great call. By far the loudest call that I know of and he really makes it sing!!
A big thanks to Randy. You can put my name in the hat.
Hey thanks for the email Chris, and thanks Randy for the donation. If Chris says it is a good goose call, I believe it.
Thanks Randy. Looks like a great call.
You can count me in.
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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