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Plainsman, it happened I remember that Chrushchev's speach! We studied it in schools (not by choice). Chrushchev meant not military victory. He was truly for a peaceful c-existence. He meant economical and ideological victory. As we all know, it happened without a nuclear war and it went out that the Communism collapsed. The Soviet Union could not compete economically and ideologically. Bush undermined influence of our country tremendously. This is Obama's job to fix it up. I am sure our military will be most efficient political tool in the world, technically and ideologically. By the end of WWII, in the former Soveit Union, Russian people saw American stregth not in the military might, but in the fact that German sodliers were anxious to surrender rather to Americans and British, then to Soviets. This was the kind of power, which we lost under Bush administration.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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